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Quercus Leaf

On Sunday, I collected an oak leaf. This is from a small oak tree in my yard, probably a red or black oak.

Quercus leafQuercus Leaf

Figure 1. Quercus leaf. Upper side of leaf is on left.

The leaves were rather diverse. Some were highly dissected, others broad and regular. Many of the leaves had big chunks eaten away. In some, the veins were left behind along with frass or detritus from whatever had consumed them. I remember one time at night, I saw small June beetles eating oak leaves, so I've always imagined that damage to oak leaves is caused by June beetles. It would be interesting to go back at night sometime and try to observe what causes the damage. I didn't see anything on the tree during the daytime (like a caterpillar) that looked like it might be causing the damage.

I migrated the Betula leaf blog entry to here from the class blog in Blackboard. I've posted this one here first to see whether it's easier to migrate one way or the other. Because Blackboard sucks.