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Last full day

Today is my last full day on island. The time has passed quickly. We've been busy launching the trapping program (getting traps out of storage, getting access to the refuge, putting the traps into service, etc). We also had to move to a different cottage, which was surprisingly disruptive: afterwards you can't find anything.

I don't usually plan to come down for such a short stay, but this was a special occasion. And today we celebrate that occasion: Buzz's 60th birthday. Buzz is expecting around 20 people. The plans are all laid: we've arranged for the food from Rose's and will pick up the drink this afternoon. We couldn't get beer from the Fort Christian Brewpub -- they didn't have any IPA ready. But we can get some Island Hoppin' IPA in the bottle, which is pretty good. And maybe a bottle or two of rum as well.

We've had good success in the field. We've had nearly 50% trap success: a mix of recaptures and new animals. We had one rather harrowing experience with an Africanized bee colony in a tree hollow that became disturbed and wouldn't let us get to one trap site. So, after the colony calmed down, we moved that trap to a different site. Buzz only got one sting, but it's amazing how terrifying it is to have bees swarming around you, buzzing, and bumping into your head.

Yesterday we visited Christiansted to visit the boutiques and watch the crab races. I mostly walked around and played Ingress. We took three hermit crabs and entered them, but didn't have any win. But it was fun. The view from the boardwalk is amazing.

With Venus to guide us, we walked back to the car in the lot with the Baobab tree and drove back to Cottages.