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Apple Heads Deeper into Crazy Town

Today, Phil and I were trying to use I had posted a picture and Phil observed that the exif data was still attached and used the viewer in to look at where it was taken on the map. Then he asked where my office was, so I tried to get a way to grab a latlong that I could easily provide to show him. I dropped a pin, but then discovered that the pin doesn't give you the latlong. In fact, there doesn't appear to be any way to get a latlong. It has a bunch of mechanisms for "sharing", but all of them are services: you can share "via email", but it doesn't work with Thunderbird: you have to use You can share via Twitter or Facebook or a variety of other ways. But why not give you a location or URL that could be easily shared with any service. By obfuscating the internals, Apple can favor the services it likes while disadvantaging the ones it doesn't like. Many users don't notice, because the dominant services are represented. But its another step toward turning technology into an opaque service where people are consumers, rather than participants.