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It's your money...

March 13, 2011 by Steven D. Brewer

One of the frames the right-wing has used to agitate for lower taxes is to claim that taxes are unfair because "It's your money." That's just false.

Businesses are neither created nor operate in a vacuum. They take advantage of the infrastructure that exists in an area: the roads and bridges, the national highway system, power, road, sewers, etc. Without these, most businesses wouldn't be possible. Taxes are what paid for all this infrastructure.

Also, most businesses need an educated workforce. Taxes provided for the public education that most employees received. And still subsidizes higher education as well, although at a much lower rate than previously.

Furthermore, business needs a stable, predictable, safe environment that is provided by the laws and law enforcement of the country -- all funded by taxes.

Over the past thirty years, we've seen an orchestrated campaign to leave those services in place while cutting the funding for them. And while the country has gone into debt, where has the saving gone? To the very top. It's your money -- and now the rich are making off with it.


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