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Super busy

The semester has started and I'm feeling busier than I think I've ever felt. I'm being pressed to support more, more complex, and more dispersed resources. Every way I can think to describe how busy I am feels cliched.

I've introduced a big change in the BCRC: I've set limits on free printing. This summer, I had a volunteer who worked out with me the general outline of a web-based page release system that could be grafted in between Samba and lp (or any other unix printing system). We set the print command in samba to calculate the number of pages in the job and submit with it job-handling set to hold. After authenticating, the user can see their jobs and page totals, they can select jobs, and then they can release (or cancel) them. The system has a few tables in mysql to keep track of jobs and page quotas. We're still feeling our way forward toward a system for establishing personal page quotas and providing exceptions.