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It's a small world

September 24, 2007 by Steven D. Brewer

Recently people found a photo album showing SS officers enjoying themselves just a short distance from where people were being systematically starved and murdered. There seems to be a sense of astonishment on the part of many that people could do this: be monsters and yet have regular lives. Yet, as we carry on our normal lives, mugging for the camera, people right next to us are being treated the same or worse -- and in our name. With a global media, we no longer need to be right next to where some people are systematically starving and killing other people for us to be implicated in the activity. Yes, we're not pulling the trigger directly, but, given our government's involvement in destabilizing some world leaders and propping others up, we might as well be. And yet, we carry on our lives, eating our bowls of blueberries while others starve and reclining on our Adirondack chairs while others are stretched on the rack. It's a small world now -- and our responsibilities in it loom larger than ever.


Foto de @twitter amantoj ĉe @Lille2015 @Bonulo @BerginoDale @philipbrewer @Bonulo @vastalto @nellie41de @tobiaszeto1 hour 43 min ago
Laŭ Humphrey Tonkin, tajperaroj gravas en beletraj konkursaĵoj, sed ŝajne ne en la diapozitivoj de la anonco de la rezultoj. :-) #UK2015fr2 hours 54 min ago
aŭskultas dum Humphrey Tonkin analizas kvaliton de beletraj konkursaĵoj de la pasinta jaro / How do you say "sneer" in #Esperanto? #UK2015fr3 hours 9 min ago
dankas al @kallekn pro lia redaktado kaj aperigo de sia raporto! hours 13 min ago
Vidis Ionel Onet kolere diri al ŝajne afrika s-ano kiu volis vendi brakhorloĝojn ekster la kongresjo "Vi ne rajtas fari tion!" :-/ #UK2015fr4 hours 6 min ago
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