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I'm on vacation! Yesterday I finished up my last work-related tasks. I've posted signs at the BCRC letting people I'm not planning to come in next week and plan to enjoy a few days off. I've felt kind of burned out this semester and am looking forward to the time off.

Today I actually did a lot of stuff that is just like work. I got the new Esperanto-USA site moved to the new hosting service. We've been working on it for about a year and are very close to having the new site go live. On January 7 and 8th, I'll be in Austin for a LAN party to finish our work on the site, but we could probably have the site go live now. It actually not a new hosting service. The plan they were signed up for didn't provide mysql, but after checking we found that they offer a package for non-profits that cost less than what we were paying and included a database. We got the plan switched and we're all set to go.

I didn't just do work, though. Phil and I played a couple of games of Starcraft too. Phil is going to take a vacation roughly corresponding with mine, so we should have time for a good number of games.

Richard send me a Christmas card that included a copy of the slip that the FedEx delivery man left after leaving a package tied to a poison-ivy vine along their driveway. They marked the slip to say that they'd left the package at "tree". I suggested that maybe we should push for FedEx delivery people to have a good botany course.