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People unhappy with windows vista

We need to get a new laptop for Alisa. We'll probably just buy her a macbook, but I thought I'd look at inexpensive laptops that could run Ubuntu for comparison. It's not possible to find a cheap laptop with Linux (as far as I can tell) -- but Circuit City and Best Buy both have laptops for $450 (like the Acer Aspire and Compaq Presario), so I was looking to see if they were well-supported by Linux. What I'm finding however, are page after page of people trying to get rid of Vista and install Windows XP (or linux). And I'm reading things like "the worst computer I've ever used" and "dump vista as fast as you can". Hmm. The macbook is sounding better and better. I've used Ubuntu and I'm sure it would be fine for what she needs, but I don't want the headache of trying to go off and look for drivers to run dodgy hardware. Ugh.