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Cold Turkey

With the realization that Twitter was never going to get better, I decided to cut the cord. I posted final messages on my feeds, uninstalled the app from my mobile devices, and removed the modules from my website. I'm done with Twitter.

It's been painful in much the same way that quitting smoking was painful. It's particularly painful in the moments when you have nothing to do. You start smoking to kill time -- to give yourself something to do when you have to wait or you need to fidget. But then it takes over your life and start needing to kill time to smoke. Twitter was rather like that. And I still feel the urge I have to wait for something or someone. I used to be able to pick up my phone and look at Twitter. But no more.

I find that I have some time that I used to look at Twitter and, currently, I'm planning to use that time to read books. It's a good theory, but it doesn't really help when a commercial comes on TV. Or I have to wait between episodes of Tony Tony Chopper.