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During our morning chat, Phil referenced Johnny Dangerously's catchphrase, "Once!" and so I asked him what his catchphrase is. He didn't reply immediately, so I helpfully suggested a couple of possibilities like "Aclarity" and "We're not just stotting around, here!"

He replied, "Heels touch ground when Slavs squat around!"

I said that sounded like a pretty weird catchphrase to me, but it turns out to be a reference to some offensive video I hadn't seen before about squatting. This is part of Philip's never ending quest to trick me into watch weird movement videos.

In any case, I subsequently asked Lucy what her catchphrase was and, after a moment of reflection she said, "I dunno." Then she brightened and said, "Hey! Maybe *that's* my catchphrase!"

Five minutes later, she asked me, "Hey, hey! So what's your catchphrase?"

Upon a moment of reflection, having completely forgotten what we were talking about five minutes ago, I said, "I dunno." Then I brightened and said, "Hey! We have the *same* catchphrase!"