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Alisa for Amherst Again

Alisa is running for town-wide office in Amherst again. I'm pleased to support her candidacy. There is no one more qualified or who has a better understanding of town issues and politics than Alisa. Especially for the first Town Council, I hope voters have the wisdom to select her to help shape the policies and practices that will make the Council effective.

During my time off this summer, I spent some of it to help her set up her new campaign website: It gave me an opportunity to play with using the Bootstrap templates. They're pretty easy to use for a brochure-ware kind of site. Ten years ago, I thought a CMS was clearly the way to go, since the trend seemed to be toward multiple authorship, public engagement, and continuous updates. Instead, people have farmed out most of that to Facebook. But also still see the value of having a brochure-ware site to have an independent presence on the web. It's sad, although the ongoing effort to maintain a content management system has turned out to be much higher than most of us expected. Much higher than I expected anyway.

On September 4th, Amherst will have a preliminary election, timed to the same date as the state-wide primary election. And then the general election will be on Nov 6. To vote, you need to register at least 20 days prior to the election. To vote in the preliminary election, you need to register by Aug 15. Please vote!