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Ice Storm

We had an ice storm this morning that shut down the public schools and caused the University to delay opening until 10am. One set of exams will need to be rescheduled, but it otherwise didn't affect much. I arrived a bit before 10 so that Randy and I could administer some early exams for students with conflicts for the regularly scheduled time. I feel for students taking exams and tried to be cheerful and lighthearted for them. I'm mainly posting this to test the database configuration.

Houseparty at Vickery's

Last night, I attended a houseparty at Peter Vickery's for John Bonifaz, a candidate for secretary of the commonwealth. He gave an excellent talk that described how he'd been led to found the National Voting Rights Institute to try to advance a radical agenda that every vote be counted and other extreme ideas, laid out in a Voter's Bill of Rights. He's got my support.


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