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I'm getting ready for my upcoming travels. First, I travel to San Diego (for the ELNA Estrara Kunsido) and Tijuana (Landa Kongreso), then return for one day before leaving again with Daniel for our greatly anticipated trip to St. Croix. I'm sure I'll have fun, but I always hate packing and making travel arrangements. I wrote a haiku about it:

mi faras la aran?ojn...
jam hejmsopiras

(About to travel, I make the arrangements...already homesick)

I have also come to really hate flying. Flying has become so unpleasant as to be nearly intolerable. The huge lead time to travel, the long wait, being packed into a tiny space with dozens of other people. I hate it. I regularly ask myself why I put up with it, given how much I hate it. I begin to think I'd rather have "IT". Sigh...