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Wilson's Words and Actions

There was an open meeting of the MSP yesterday where there was a frank discussion of the faculty's perceptions regarding the unfolding events at the University and how to move forward productively. The meeting was attended by 60 to 80 faculty and there was a lively debate and exchange of views.

There was an update about on-going activity. Letters are being drafted to the governor from the joint MSP and Faculty Senate leadership to Governor Patrick to ask for a meeting to discuss the need for a truly independent commission and to ask that the Governor not accept the resignation of John Armstrong. Armstrong has been a strong advocate for higher education and the Amherst campus.

Much of the discussion focused on the need to communicate our interest in exploring a vision for what's best for higher education in the state. We don't want to get caught up in debates about particular people, nor do we want to either demonize or beatify anyone. This is not a battle or a choice between Lombardi or Wilson, but a process of advocating for all of higher ed and for greater accountability and openness.

There was serious concern about the current operation of the Board of Trustees. We need to look carefully at how future Trustees are selected. Trustees should be: (1) individuals of profound, national distinction; (2) have deep, scholarly understanding of public higher education; (3) should be UMass alumni as much as possible; and (4) represent the entire state, not just provincial appointments.

My suggestion was that the Faculty Senate immediately establish a set of ad_hoc committees to begin exploring governance structures and implications for the higher ed system and the Amherst campus. Reports from these committees could be useful to communicate with the commission that we hope the Governor will establish.

Finally, we need open and accountable leadership at every level of the higher ed system. We need openness and accountability not only at the Trustee level, but for the President, Chancellor, Provost and for the deans and chairs as well. The University will be a much stronger system if we can get the substantive debate about what's best for higher education out of the backroom and into the boardroom, where it belongs.