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I haven't done a huge amount of bicycling since I've been in Champaign, but I think I've gotten out every day. Some of the days I rode here, but for the past couple of days, we ended up leaving bike or bikes here, driving over, and then going out on rides.

On Thursday, we rode to Bo Peeps for breakfast. They make a lot of tasty skillet dishes, but I just got the potatoes and cheese. It's what the skillet dishes are all based on, but I've been eating too much and it seemed like plenty of food to me. On the way back, Phil and I detoured to ride on some of the local bike trails.

Later in the day, the Reelights we had ordered arrived. I installed them on my bike first and will install them on Phil's bike today, as his birthday present. While installing them on my bike, I discovered I had broken another spoke on the rear wheel. We called the nearby bicycle shop, but they said they couldn't squeeze me in. We called another place that also was nearby and they were too busy as well. I then called Bikeworks. The guy who runs the shop is a local legend that inspires strong feelings both pro and con. When he answered the phone, I explained I was from out of town and needed a spoke replaced. "What?" he said. "You're from out of town and you brought your bike with you? Well, bring it in!" He explained later that he was sure I was going to ask to rent a bike. He replaced the spoke while we waited and gave us lots of free advice along the way. I like the comment in the youtube comments that explains how you can't win: Try it yourself first, and you're an overconfident moron, but ask him questions without trying first and you're told to 'strap on a pair'." I was very happy to get my spoke replaced so that I can keep riding while I'm on my trip. Go Bruce!