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Week that was

I wrote a long blog post yesterday and lost it when my machine crashed. Stupid iPods. I had Charlie's iPod plugged in. I plugged in mine and it asked to update it. So I agreed to update it, but it failed and eventually the whole machine became unresponsive. I eventually had to take it down and lost my unfinished post.

It was a busy week at work, but good and productive. I'm not chair of FSUC&ECC anymore! I got a new committee set up for MSP and recruited someone for a key position. My class seems to be going pretty well. The TAs used my gene expression models and they didn't break. I've been spending a lot of time in the BCRC, which is good. Basically, I'm busy, but things are going well.

The ad at BoingBoing finished up and I wrote a report about it. I was pleased that it bore out my general thesis, which is that investing effort in getting bloggers to say something can amplify your message. I didn't think you had to be a rocket-surgeon to figure that out, but getting the ad to happen sucked up so much of my time that I really began to question whether it was worth it. The ad was such a success, however, that even those who'd been the biggest skeptics were talking about it "kicking a--".

We had parent-teacher conferences for both boys this week. Charlie's successfully made the transition to middle school -- he seems to be having a great year. Daniel's having a rough start with third grade, but only in the sense of missing a good opportunity for fun. He'll come around.