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Trip to UN

Tomorrow morning, I go with Charlie's 6th grade class on a bus-trip to the UN. We leave in the early morning and get home in the late evening. I'm looking forward to it -- I've never been before. I thought about trying to contact the UEA office that is at the UN, but they don't seem to have an email address and I have a hard time being bothered to telephone people -- a weakness of mine.

I finally got my visa application sent off for going to Brazil. What a nightmare! They should at least have plenty of time. I don't know how long such things take, but they have basically a full month.

I've been getting stuff in anticipation of my several weeks of travelling. I designed and ordered some new business cards. I've been down to the last few cards of my original set I got when I arrived in the department nearly 10 years ago. I'll be excited to see how my new design worked out. I also ordered some new shirts and a mug from zneaĵoj.

I checked the Brazil Congress site and saw that 355 people are currently signed up for their Esperanto congress. That will, without question, be the largest Esperanto convention I've ever attended, although still nowhere near as large as the UK, where there are usually at least 2,000 people.