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Switched hosting service

A few days ago, I switched to dreamhost for my hosting service. I had heard good things about them and we set up Alisa's campaign using Dreamhost and had good experiences with their stuff. I decided a couple of weeks ago to consolidate my personal hosting at Dreamhost and quit using SelectedHosting. I liked SelectedHosting when I first started using them and they were reasonably reliable. Unfortunately, however, their control panel was always a little glitchy and it had become unusable by the time I discontinued my service: the mysql widget didn't show one of my databases, the link to access the mail configuration widget was broken, and it all still looked exactly the same as it had when I had first signed up -- kinda clunky and rube-goldbergian.

There are still a few things I can't get to work properly at Dreamhost, however. Hopefully I can get the last few details sorted out soon.