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Summertime on Campus

After the stress of the end of semester, the crises at UMass, and the fiasco with the car breaking down last week, I enjoyed a quiet weekend at home with the family. I got a new cell phone, a Motorola RAZR. It took some effort, but I think I've made the calendar syncing work (although you have to use a cable, rather than Bluetooth, because Verizon believes they can make more money selling people broken firmware and having them do stupid things, like email their photos to themselves through the cell network, rather than just download them. Crazy.) I'm hoping to not have to carry around a palm pilot anymore, since you can't get one that uses Graffiti anymore. I really liked my palm pilot. One thing I did over the weekend was to set up special ringtones for some people. For Alisa, I have the Imperial March (ie, Darth Vader's theme). For Lucy, When the Saints Go Marching In. For Philip, I found a midi file of the theme from StarCraft. Even Alisa said that was cool when she heard it.

I got a request from Kalle Kniivil