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Steven Brewer Does Not Hate Powerpoint

Daniel ?e WatrobasDaniel and I got out for a good bike ride each day of the long weekend. After the 3 mile ride to Jones and back on Saturday, we rode 5 miles on Sunday, to Big Y and back. On Monday, we rode around 12 miles to the Sugar Shack and back, with a detour to Watroba's. Daniel had wanted to get some of the wonderful chocolate milk at the Mapleline Farm store, but they were closed. He ended up getting a hot dog and a bottle of chocolate-milk-like substance from a giant corporation packaged in a plastic bottle.

Watroba's is good to have. I wish they were slightly larger, had more refrigerated goods, and were actually on the bus line, rather than a half-mile away from the nearest stop. I don't think there's any way to take public transportation to a grocery store without having to walk a long way and/or wait for infrequent busses. Watroba's is close enough to ride to when the weather is decent, but it's hard to imagine riding a bike to the store in the dead of winter. I guess when we're huddling by the stove trying to keep warm because we can't afford to buy heating oil, getting some exercise riding a bike to the store won't sound so bad.

Today, I rode my bike into work and home for lunch. I'm not sure I could ride much farther, though, because a certain part of my anatomy is sore and it's not my shoulders. A few days rest, and I'll be ready to go toughen up some more. My next goal is to ride to Northampton so I can see the rail trail connection between the Norwottuck and Northampton trails.