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Spring Break Beckons

On Saturday, Sally and I went to Gardner for an ESNE meeting. ESNE hasn't been very active lately (to understate significantly -- moribund, might be a better description.) Our previous treasurer, bless his heart, hadn't ever provided me an actual report of what the account balance was or who the active paid-up members were. There were various long, sad stories about this state of affairs, but the fact was that the organization couldn't really do anything without getting on top of this information. Finally, he moved out of state and I recruited a new treasurer to take over. Several of the officers met at the bank to change the signatories on the account. Done. I took a picture to commemorate the first official act of the new treasurer

Afterwards, we repaired to the Gardner Ale House to discuss strategy. I love going to microbrews. The sandwich was fine, but the beer was great. I had Oma's Altbier (which even works OK as an Esperanto word). I was a bit disappointed that one that was listed as "coming soon" wasn't available: the Facelift IPA. That name is almost as good as leatherlips. I might have to go back just to try that one. We got through the agenda of our meeting and had a pleasant meal and some time to chat pleasantly besides.

Today, I just lazed around. Last night was disturbed because of the midnight release of Super Smash Bro's Brawl. The boys went over to a friends house to play the game with friends, so Alisa and I napped most of the afternoon. Other than fixing the basement pump when it quit, I haven't really gotten much productive work done.