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Snowy day

I was scheduled for jury duty today. I was summonsed to the court in Belchertown to appear at 8am. I got up at a normal time, but left early to make sure I was there on time. A grumpy officer made me empty my pockets and eventually frisked me, when I still couldn't go through the metal detector without setting it off. The process basically involved sitting there for a couple of hours (I took a book to read) until they dismissed us when it became clear that the cases on the docket were going to be resolved without going to trial. They showed us a funny video with a female judge who spoke like Elmer Fudd and kept talking about "wight to twial by juwy" and "wule of law". When they dismissed us, the officer explained that the card we would receive for our employers would state what date we'd served, but didn't indicate what time we'd been released. I went ahead and went back to work anyway -- but after lunch.

Today, Mary Carey had an article in the Bulletin about our Esperanto lunch with Jos