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Sicko: Not just about health-care

Mi kaj Buzz metas etikedon en la herpestonWe had a successful trip. We marked more than 40 mongoose dem and had around 70 captures total, including several juveniles. We caught one animal we had marked previously in 2004. We got Tom to photographically document the procedures for us.

We packed up over the course of the morning interspersed by trips to the ocean to swim. It was with significant regret that I packed up the masks, fins, and snorkels. We said our goodbyes and we all told ourselves that we'll be back again next year. Paula, Alex, and Carey were on the same flights as us, so we didn't say our goodbyes until we got to Hartford.

Our travel arrangements worked out well. Daniel checked the bottles of rum carefully when the box came off the baggage carousel to make sure none had broken. Stupid war on moisture... We arrived back around midnight and were home around 1am. Penny was happy to see me and Lucy gave us big hugs.

Today, I'm back at work.