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Semester reaches its climax

Today, Alisa, the boys and I attended a band concert by the Minuteman Marching Band. I had received the tickets for participating in the University's charity campaign. The marching band is quite large -- 375 -- and plays very well. I thought the boys might appreciate seeing a really good band, since they're both playing band instruments. I was pleased to see that one of my students is in the marching band.

I rode my bike there. It's great to have a bike on campus. You can get places faster than any other way (although sometimes I dream of having a zip-line from a high building on campus straight to my house.

There is a house coming on sale in the neighborhood. It's one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. It's a small house surrounded by cedars and mountain laurel with a lovely japanese maple by the driveway. Zane and I walked up and looked at it on Friday. A neighbor tried to sell the house to Zane -- they'd be happy with any owner that won't rent the house to students. I would be great to have Zane as a neighbor, although I don't think they're quite ready to buy a house yet.