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Quarterly Report for ELNA

Board members are supposed to write quarterly reports regarding their activity related to the ELNA board. I didn't write one last quarter (I think only one board-member did), but this year I resolve to do better. Below is what I submitted.

I have continued progress toward having a re-designed website for
Esperanto-USA. I collaborated with Robert Read to find that our
existing hosting service has a cheaper plan for non-profits that
included in the increased services necessary for using the
content management system we had selected (Drupal). I set up a
new site for Esperanto-USA using Drupal, including the creation
of a custom theme that includes the ELNA logo, installed the
software and database at, and began migrating
content from the old site to the new site.

I have established and maintained a relationship with Global
Voices, a Harvard-based organization that espouses values
parallel with Esperanto, but that seemed largely unaware of
Esperanto's existence. I have been trying to educate them about
Esperanto, by maintaining a page listing Esperanto-language
I succeeded in recruiting a British esperantist, Tim Morley, to
attend their first annual "summit" in London, where they were to
discuss issues of multilingualism. I have agreed to write an
article about this for Esperanto-USA.

I corresponded with the British Esperanto Association to get them
to release to the public domain the rights to the 1906 book
Esperanto: a Grammar and Commentary by George Cox. I am working
with Robert Read and William Walter Patterson to make this
excellent book (I think one of the best ever written in English
about Esperanto) available via Project Gutenberg.

I developed a new strategy for local organizing: creating protest
signs in Esperanto (e.g. ESPERANTISTOJ KONTRAUX MILITO) and
having groups of esperantists attend demonstrations to hold
signs. This is useful, as people will ask you what the signs say
and why an Esperanto speaker is protesting and as pictures of the
protest can show up in the media, putting words in Esperanto
before the public's eye.

Finally, I had a piece of fiction, "Milos kaj Donos" accepted for
publication by Literatura Foiro! It probably doesn't have
anything to do with the board, but it was very time-consuming and
very satisfying nonetheless. :-)