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Programming club

For the past two years, I've been mentoring a group of Charlie's friends that are interested in computer stuff. We set up Muppyville and have continued to interact about programming. A few months ago, a mother of one of them asked me if I was aware of any opportunities for learning computer programming. I had been thinking about starting a computer programming club, but hadn't quite willing to commit myself. But I decided it was time. So I checked with the department, to make sure it was OK to bring kids into the BCRC and got the parent of another child (who I was sure would be interested) to come with me (mainly so I wouldn't be alone with the whole bunch of kids). Today was our first meeting.

I suggested we start with NetLogo and, after a bit, maybe switch to webpages and PHP. We've had a pretty good time for our first day. Mostly, changing parameters in existing simulations (changing sizes and colors of existing elements, etc). One boy worked with a fireworks model and drew a picture of a little person "mebob" that he used as the shape of the rockets shooting up into the air and exploding. It's a good start.