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Deserto ĉe Libre GraphicsThere are people from all over here: Norway, Australia, Germany, France, UK, etc (no-one from South America, though). Mostly men are here -- and the conference was primarily organized by men. You could tell that at lunch time when there (initially) weren't any forks or napkins. Women wouldn't have permitted something like that to happen. It was a delicious lunch, however, with awesome desserts.

The first talk this morning was in English, but the second two were in French. The first one was a group doing Open Source Publishing. They're doing a bunch of cool stuff -- I got their card and talked to them about getting help with OniDirasNun. I watched some of the next two in French, but couldn't get much out of them -- I just can't understand enough French to catch more than a word or two. The first talk was on building a workflow for digital imagery using FOSS and the second was on Blender. Both interesting topics I would like to know more about. I don't begrudge the francophones their French language talks, however -- its really adds to the interest of the conference to have the diversity of languages. I'll have to offer an Esperanto-language talk if I attend again.