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Machine Translation

The next Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon BD, Special 4, is out:

It isn't in English yet, but you can get it auto-subtitled in Japanese (turn on CC) and then you can have those translated into English (under the gear-shaped settings icon). But the result is so dadaesque, I'm compelled to question whether it's actually even drawing from the correct source material.

During the intro: "Cities and provinces of the announcement 667 the environment In addition That's 24 people the elderly, et al. The date of manufacture solid"

When Tohru guns down Emma in the back, she says "Two of people in advance rice to each computer".

When Kobayashi-san is looking at at a computer game screen "For example, it has been found in liaison ipod dealer has entered".

In another spot "Comments and was confirmed inform in such growing more anxiety."

But, please! Tell me again how machine translation is going to solve the world language problem.