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Long Weekend

For the most part, I spent the long weekend quietly at home. I've felt extra busy at work this semester, so it was nice to get some extra rest and relaxation. I finally read the Patrick O'Brien book Pop had gotten me for Christmas. I played some StarCraft with Phil. I took the doggies for walks (a rather cold walk in Northampton on Saturday). On Monday, I spent a fair amount of the day cleaning house. I picked stuff up and got the floors swept at least.

On Monday evening, we had invited Tom and Kirsten for dinner. Alisa fixed Indian food: chicken tika and some kind of paneer with basmati rice, missy roti, and papadum. It was nice to catch up with Tom and Kirsten, who have moved back to the Valley after attending school in Boston for a couple of years. They've just moved into an apartment in Holyoke and are going to invite us to come see it once they have a few of the necessary amenities, like a stove and a fridge.

Tomorrow night, the BCRC staff come for pizza. I stopped by the store today and picked up supplies to make a bunch of pizza. I haven't had a BCRC pizza party in a year or more because there just didn't seem to be enough interest in doing it, but I'm pleased that this time we'll make it happen. When I was a student, I remember the faculty who made the effort to invite students to their houses. I remember being a bit uncomfortable going to have dinner with a professor but looking back, I value the experience and I'm glad to do the same for my students.