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Like locusts

Someone asked me today what it's like getting ready for the beginning of the semester and I responded it was like having locusts descending on me. I had a full book of appointments and practically every minute of the day was spent trying to get various fires put out: set up this, fix that, create this other thing. It's nice to feel wanted and needed.

The house progresses forward. The change in the appearance of the house as the new siding goes up is really amazing. They're making good progress. When you look from the front, the house looks essentially done. There's still a bunch of stuff to be done, but it's remarkable how the various parts fit together.

Apparently in s.c.e, the discussion of the ELNA name change came up, so the editor of Libera Folio asked me about the issue. I wrote a bit and he took some of the bits and wrote a nice little feature. The rest of what I wrote is here.

I also wrote a little snippet for ADTC today.