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Laughing at Jim Oldham

I had to laugh when I read Jim Oldham's letter in the Bulletin about Alisa. He said:

As a member of the Comprehensive Planning Committee since December 2005, I can attest to how this contrasts to the leadership style of the third Select Board candidate. Until the committee elected new officers last November, Alisa Brewer, as chairwoman, dominated discussions with long monologues, frequently challenged the input of other members on the basis that we didn't understand the committee's long history, and used agenda-setting as justification for sending members long e-mails discussing upcoming business. Whatever she claims to stand for, this is not a leadership style Amherst needs.

I don't think he realizes what an endorsement this is. My impression is that many people in town are tired of having endless meetings where such vast amounts of time are given over to letting people ramble on far beyond any reasonable time limit. I think people want to have someone who can make people stick within their time limits. I think they also want someone who can set the agenda and make people do their homework before meetings. Anyone who knows Alisa, knows that to call her "dictatorial" is a gross exaggeration, but it's not an exaggeration to say that she's tough and she's not afraid to get stuff done. I think a lot of people agree that this is what Amherst really needs. So, although I think Jim's letter tries to savage Alisa, voters will see through his rhetoric and recognize this letter for the endorsement that it really is.