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Hypermart internal server errors again

We've been using Hypermart for hosting at Esperanto-USA -- boy do they suck. Repeatedly, over the past 6-8 months, we've had periods of days where 50-80 percent of the connections are rejected with an "internal server error". Because some to half of the connections work fine, it's pretty clear that it's not an actual problem with our site -- I suspect that they have a server farm and a bunch of the machines get compromised or misconfigured resulting in the problem. The worst part is customer service -- if you contact them the nearly always hit reload and say "Oh, it was just a temporary problem -- it's fine now." Of course, all you have to do is hit reload a couple more times and you can see that the problem happens half the time you visit the site. Incredibly, the last time there was a problem they wanted me to tell them my password before they'd escalate the problem. Eventually, we found a way around having me tell them my password (which I am adamant a sysadmin should *never* ask for). When they did escalate the problem, we didn't hear anything for a couple of days (while the problem gradually got better -- I assume as they did reinstalls of screwed up or compromised machines in the server farm -- and then we got a note saying "We can't reproduce your problem". Morons. We really need to get a different hosting service for E-USA. I'm glad I don't use them for my personal site.