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Home again

SunsubiroOur Carribean adventure draws to a close today. We sat out and watched the sunset. With my green bottle of Elephant, I could imagine I was seeing the "green flash", but I guess I'll just have to try again next year. We stayed up late into the night watching meteors and talking. Carey and Alex sat with Tom and I watching the sky while the younger kids played, until Carey couldn't stand it any more and she quit trying to play grown up and ran around and played with the other kids. When I finally tracked Daniel down, playing Nintendo DS with Zach, he was so tired he couldn't walk straight and I had to steer him back to the cottage.

Today, we're planning to laze around and pack up at a leisurely pace. I went for a last early-morning snorkel adventure. I was hoping I'd see the sea turtle that magically seems to appear everytime Buzz jumps in the water, but no such luck. We need to be on the road around 1:30pm to catch our flight that will get us back to the airport around midnight and home by 2am. It's been a great adventure.