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Getting ready for classes

I spent today helping people getting ready for their classes and starting to get ready for my own. There's still a lot left to do and the time is slipping away faster and faster. I got schedule roughed out and moved over the project and prep pages from last time. I updated the syllabus and began the long process of updating everything. There's still a long way to go. In addition, I had a nice day chatting with people and looking at the on-going work on the house.

D-ro BarlowZane stopped by to see me. She was wearing a new hat that she'd knitted herself, having taught herself over the holidays. We had a nice chat, catching up on various intersession happenings and discussing strategy for the upcoming semester. Zane is one of the people that make the Biology Department a special place to be.

I went to one of the research labs today and saw a student using a computer monitor that had no cover, so the guts were exposed. I pointed out, a bit uncomfortably, that I hoped he was aware there were high voltages exposed that could produce potentially fatal shocks. I think it was even more disturbing to me to see him pale and admit that he wasn't aware of the risk. I suggested unplugging it from the wall and not using it again until there was an appropriate cover on the monitor. Or to find a different monitor. And called back later when I realized I hadn't pointed out that the capicitors in the high-voltage circuitry of a monitor can still carry a lethal charge hours or days after it's been unplugged.

Renovigo de eksteraĵo komencasI left work a bit early today to come home to see the on-going work on the house. They've begun stripping off the old siding and replacing it with tyvek and insulation. Once they get the house wrapped, another team will install the vinyl siding. I anticipate it will be a dramatic improvement of the insulation of the house. And we'll get a nice tax credit, though not till next year. I'm excited to see what the house will look like when we're done. As with the windows, I'm not primarily concerned with the aesthetic issues, but that will also be a welcome improvement, given the lamentable appearance of the peeling paint on the house. It should never have been painted in the first place, but the cheapskate owner of the house before us wanted to put it on the market at some point and slapped a bunch of paint over the stained shakes. These have all been outstanding issues with the house that we knew it had when we bought it, but haven't been willing to address until now. The changes will also increase the value of the house a lot, although that's not our primary concern as we have no intention of ever selling the house. I'm sure it will increase our property taxes, though. Sigh...