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Geek Dad and DoggyMups

Phil send me a link to the Geek Dad blog. I particularly liked the bit that serves as a manifesto. I thought that was perfect. I'll have to watch the blog for ideas.

The thing Charlie and I have been working on is a new card game version of DoggyMups. It was originally the theme of the Muppyville MOO that we set up, but early on Charlie had the idea of making it a video game or card game. We thought about it being a "collecting" game, where people would collect different cards, but eventually settled on the idea of having a single deck of cards that players would share and draw from. Charlie and I tried it out last night. It works great! I want to tweak it just a little more, we need to work on the directions, and we need graphics for the cards, but the game is very playable as it is.

The game is played with a deck of cards -- we have about 30 cards right now. Cards can be either doggymups or items. Each doggymup has an attack score (most as xD6), a defense score, a type (light, dark, water, fire, and legendary), and some have a special ability. The items do a variety of things: turn on special abilities, remove an opponent's doggymups, counter attacks, etc. So far, the game play is pretty good -- games only take 15-20 minutes and there's a good sense of back and forth and not being able to predict who's going to win with any great certainty. Let me know if you'd like a PDF copy of the cards to print out and play.