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Fun, fun, fun!

It became spring a couple of days ago, but it doesn't feel like spring. It was bitter cold today with a biting wind and the cold air is predicted to stay in place as far as the forecast goes. Ugh. I want the weather to moderate so I can get out and start riding my bike. I don't like to ride when the weather is below 50, though.

We're finally back into room 370. The BCRC has had a small room as a graphics facility since I got here. It's been closed since last semester due to work on a bathroom upstairs that required a lot of plumbing. Last week, things finally blew up when a student and faculty member had a disagreement over who had precedence. So I spent a good part of the day getting the graphics facility put back together.

I had lunch with Buzz and Tom today -- and their kids. We went to OpaOpa as usual. They still didn't have the A-10 (boo hiss), but said they were working on a new double beer. I'll miss the A-10.

This week was the Multicultural Fair at Marks Meadow Elementary. I realized I've been going to Multicultural Fair for 10 years -- longer than I went to Elementary School myself. I realized also that, once Daniel finishes up in a couple of years, I won't be going to elementary schools anymore. Another chapter closes in my life. Seeing other people with infants (like Tom) reminds me what is past -- and not likely to return in my life. Then, seeing Buzz, reminds me that, yes, it can return. Hmm.

I filed a final report regarding the ad I purchased at ARGnet for the Lost Ring game. It turns out that people *are* learning Esperanto to participate. I think that's great! If we really do need to coordinate millions of people internationally, we could do worse than having them all speak Esperanto. I'm enjoying the game and looking forward to seeing what happens next.

It's the last weekend of Spring Break. It's been nice to have some quiet time -- some down time -- during the break. Just a couple of months to go. But lots of stuff that needs to happen. I need to lead the students through crafting some good proposals. Then we need to pull off a good project. And I need to get ready to go to North Carolina State University to talk about course redesign. I'm almost ready. Just give me until Monday.