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Last night, the boys and Lucy and I went to look for salamanders at the salamander tunnels on Henry Street. I invited my students, but didn't see any of them there. There were a lot of people there: maybe a dozen cars. We saw lots of wood frogs -- many of the wood frogs just climb over the barriers and cross the road directly. I found one salamander. Everyone was very excited to see it. It was a spotted salamander with his nose and head poking through the leaves. I love how ambystomid salamanders always look like they're grinning. We didn't see any other salamanders, but it wasn't really raining in the early evening. We got a heavy downpour later and probably would have seen a lot more salamanders around 10 or 10:30. By that time, the boys needed to be asleep.

Yesterday was the town election. I watched the winning candidates speak on ACTV. I was pleased with the outcome. I knew all of the selectboard candidates to at least some extent. I was glad to see the incumbent defeated -- she had written about how important public services were for her family when her kids were young, but now that they were older, she was constantly looking for services that could be cut, since she didn't need them anymore. She seemed very disingenuine, as Tom would say.