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Daniel kaj Lucy ?e restoracio After the long ride yesterday, I decided a short ride was in order today. Lucy, Daniel and I rode downtown to the Lord Jeff and had drinks and a light meal. I had a glass of chardonay and we shared an appetizer. It was another beautiful day and we had a wonderful time sitting in the shade and chatting in the warm breeze. The only downside was a nasty blower that the Lord Jeff has right by their exit that would run every so often, drowning out conversation.

I could have ridden quite a bit further, but this was perfect. It's all uphill to downtown, so after our brunch, we could practically just coast home. Tomorrow the weather looks like it will be unsettled. I'm hoping to get work taken care of before noon and have the rain finished up by then as well, letting me take a long bike ride in the afternoon. I think I'm about ready to circumnagivate the Connecticut River.