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I'm in North Carolina for a couple of days, invited by DELTA. They offer a summer institute for faculty on education and I'm speaking tomorrow on course redesign. Afterwards, I get to meet with the Biology faculty for a couple of hours to have a conversation about technology and course redesign. I'm really looking forward to it. Prior to our previous contract, I usually travelled and spoke 2-3 times a year on science education and technology. In the previous contract, though, they refused to fund any professional development, which is how I justified attending conferences to speak. Since then, I've essentially only spoken when I've been invited, which generally happens only once or twice a year.

While I'm here, I've made arrangements to meet with the local Esperanto-speakers. Several of them are out of town, so it sounds like there won't be very many of us. The plan is to go out for dinner -- it sounds like there are several nice places nearby.

The past few days have been extremely busy. George and I have been working on getting the new printer set up, many, many students (including mine) are finishing their projects, and I needed to get my slides put together for the talk. In the end, I did them last night. I had gotten them started weeks ago, but it always seems to come down to the last minute. I can keep polishing them tonight and tomorrow.

I started to use my laptop at Bradley, but when I plugged it into the wall, it didn't recognize that it was plugged in -- even though someone else plugged into the adjacent plug had power. I was worried that I might have to chase around and find a relacement charger. Luckily, it was just a fluke and I'm in good shape.

The hotel is nice, but the wireless signal doesn't quite reach my room. In many ways that's better anyway, because it encourages me to be in the lobby out among the people.