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Death Note

I arrived home shortly after noon and spent the rest of the day taking deep breaths and thinking how glad I was to be home. I had a nice time -- the people were wonderful and welcoming. And it was very stimulating to see all the interesting things they're doing. It was also interesting to hear their story: they started out working with early adopters, who were excited by the technology and wanted to push it to see how far they could go. Now they spend most of their time working with people from the middle of the curve, who are less interested in cutting edge technology and pedagogy.

DonacoWhen I got home, Alisa had a small gift for me. She'd originally intended to get me "Good vs Evil Unicorns" with "Destructicorn", but then found this one that seemed even better. You can see a bunch of similar sets on this page. The story on the back of the box is even better. "[...] millions of years ago, penguins, snow seals, and koalas ruled the earth. For sustenance, they feasted upon [...] sea mammals. [...] Now, once a year, Narwhal leave their homes to embark on a treacherous migration [...] and leap out of the water to spear the deadly koalas from their perches high in the Eucalyptus trees." Note that it has four magical tusks: the boys like the red one best, which "drains the blood of its enemies".

KuniklidojWe also went out to check on our nest of baby bunnies. There seem to be four or five of them in there. They are insanely cute. They're growing really fast and, before too long, are going to have their eyes open. The kids simply love them and its been fun to know that mom is still taking care of them. I hope they make it -- baby bunnies don't have very good chances of survival, in the long run, I suppose.