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What a strange holiday Thanksgiving is. Just as the semester prepares to hit its fiercest peak, there is this full stop. Everyone goes home and the campus is practically empty for the whole week. It's like the whole University takes a deep breath before the plunge.

I spent the day helping people with little things: a faculty member who had a hard-drive die, a graduate student who needed a little help to burn an install CD for Ubuntu, etc.

Around 1:30, Daniel called to ask when I could come home and play some SC (ie StarCraft). I said I couldn't come home just yet because I was supposed to something with someone a bit later in the afternoon -- possibly around 3pm. He then asked if he could come into my office to visit. I agreed that it was a good day for that and he came after just a few minutes. I finished crafting an email and then gave my full attention to Daniel and we went all over the place. We went to a lab where a comparative vertebrate dissection was taking place -- the students were only too happy to show Daniel what they were doing. He got to see cats, sharks, and salamanders being dissected. We then went to see Al Richmond, our resident herpetologist, who gave us a guided tour of the live room. We then went to get bottles of soda from the vending machine. At this point, I figured it was pointless trying to get anything else done, so Daniel and I went to get my stuff and headed home. When we got home, Daniel got his chance to play a game of SC with me.

Now it's time to take a deep breath and get ready for the big plunge in the next weeks: finishing my course, doing my committee work, meeting with the governor, and (of course) Esperanto-Tago on Dec 15th.