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Bicycle Breakfast

Amherst Bicikla MatenmanĝoI rode my bike to the Amherst Bicycle Breakfast this morning. This is only the second or third time I've made it. One year, I volunteered and came early to help set up. Other years, I've been out of town or busy -- or we've had rain. It was chilly this morning and sprinkled lightly after I got there, but overall it looked like it was going well. I chatted with some folks from Northampton Cycle Club (mostly about what a wonderful person Tom Hoogendyk is. :-) I spoke to some of the town planning people, who all thanked me for letting my wife serve on the select board (as if I could stop her from doing anything.) I also chatted with a faculty member from Microbio about the stirring events of yesterday and about teaching. I also entered a drawing for a new bike and picked up a cool bicycling map from the town planning office -- the map alone was worth the price of admission!