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Alisa running for Select Board

Alisa has decided to run for the Amherst Select Board. The past two years have been a bit rough in Amherst: the town has a structural deficit and has been burning through the "rainy day" funds over the past several years. It's now apparent that the conditions that allowed the town to build up a surplus are probably not going to return anytime soon. The current Select Board doesn't seem prepared to lead -- their idea of "leadership" is to have a non-binding ballot question to "see what the voters think".

Alisa will be a great Selectperson. She is one of the few people I know who takes the time to really understand the details. When a document says one thing on page 15 and something on page 150, she makes sure it gets fixed. And she's tough -- she knows what she thinks, she's not afraid to say it, and she doesn't back down.

The connection with me is that I volunteered to set up the Alisa For Amherst website. It's still somewhat fragmentary, but is coming together quickly. I'm glad I can do something (and stay safely in the background). A couple of times, people have tried to get me to run for Select Board. I don't think so.