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Alisa Blogging

Yesterday I got Alisa to start blogging. She's been talking about it for more than a year and has finally taken the plunge. She's involved with so many things around town -- I'm looking forward to seeing the kinds of things she posts on. Most people blog on the stuff they find: in the media or on the web. I'm more likely to write about what I'm working on, although primarily in a self-serving way: I'm writing more for myself than for an audience. I've always thought of my writing more as a "journal" than a "blog". I'm fairly careful in terms of what I write about: I try to avoid writing things that I wouldn't want my children, students, or colleagues to read. In fact, I'd want them to be comfortable reading my blog. Well, mostly. I wrote about Randy once and, the next day another faculty member said to me, "I'm afraid to talk to you, Brewer. You might write about me on the web!" He was kidding. Mostly.