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Ah, Friday.

White-marked Tussock MothLucy and I did our usual Saturday routine -- a trip to the farmer's market and library with Penny. On the way back, we picked up pizza fixings so that Daniel and I could make pizza together for lunch.While Daniel and I were making the pizzas, we went out to the tent for a moment and saw this cool caterpillar. It's another kind of tussock moth caterpillar, like the ones we saw a month ago, but in a different genus. This one, evidently, has really nasty urticating hairs. I got some pretty cool pictures.

Daniel and I made two pizzas. He helped at every stage, mixing the spreading the dough, putting spices in the sauce and testing it, and then building the pizzas. We made a pepperoni, sausage, and bacon pizza for him and another with added lebanon bologna, fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms for me. They both turned out quite well and he was very pleased with the outcome.

It's the last weekend of the summer and the students are rolling back in. Some people are sad when Amherst loses its small-town feel when the students come back, but I don't mind -- I like the excitement and enthusiasm the students bring. But I do treasure the times they're away too.