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Our contract

Sova?a RatoYesterday, Alisa, Daniel, and I drove to Andover to get some parasitic vermin to live in our house and suck up our air. Rats. We caught two and a half wild rats while we were in St. Croix (like the one pictured here). One of them evidently got caught by a mongoose trying to get out of the trap and had its head eaten off, so we only got a half of that one. But no! I had to come home and drive for three hours, so we could buy rats. And rat cages. And rat food. And rat litter boxes. Probably we'll need to hire a rat masseuse too.

I don't particularly hate rats or anything -- I'm just skeptical that the rat experience is going to somehow be qualitatively different than what we had with the guinea pig. Or with the mice. Or with the rabbit. Or what I had as a kid with hamsters or gerbils. Furry little vermin -- all of them. At least they're not going to try to breed them, dank' al dio. Brr...